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Le Vivoir

Saint-Jean-Port-Joli • Destination Région L'Islet
View of the Vivoir art gallery-boutique
Entrance to the Vivoir art gallery-boutique
Sculptor Christian Michaud at work in his studio
Family at work during a creative activity
Ateliers d'artistes ouverts au public, où l'on peut voir les artistes à l'oeuvre, et parfois même parler avec eux!
Vaste boutique-galerie d'art, mettant de l'avant le travaille de plus de 50 artistes québécois!
La mezzanine ouverte au public, présentant des pièces de collections, des sculptures et des oeuvres délicates ne tolérant pas les rayons du soleil!
Bâtisse neuve de 3 étages au style patrimonial et accessible en fauteuil roulant sur 2 des 3 étages!


In a few words

Located in the heart of St-Jean-Port-Joli, Le vivoir promises unparalleled immersion in local crafts!

7 artists' studios open to the public are set up on the ground floor. It offers glass partitions allowing visitors to see the intriguing tools of our artists, their raw material and their creative world and sometimes even to see them at work in real time!

Upstairs, there is a large boutique with art gallery trends.

Le vivoir collaborate with more than 60 artists from the Quebec art who shine through their work for sale in the boutique, through their work highlighted in artist workshops and through their shared expertise in various creative workshops and training!

Welcome to the world of fine crafts!

For Real!

Maighan Gagnon, Le Vivoir

Certifications et distinctions

    • Grand Prix Régional - 2020

    Schedule and prices


    Open year round

    The opening hours vary according to the seasons, they are kept up to date on our website (, our Facebook page (@levivoir) as well as on our Google page.

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    How to fully enjoy spring

    The dazzling, invigorating and energizing spring sun! The art of gently enjoying this moment of transition from the lull of winter to the bright future of summer is a real joy. So take the time to stop for a getaway in our region with friends, lovers or family to enjoy this season full of light and hope!

    Curious Nature A shopping spree in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli

    A perfect way to discover the know-how and culture of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, which abounds with an impressive number of specialty shops, art galleries and artists' studios. You'll find a host of Quebec creators in crafts, painting, jewellery, stained glass, traditional and contemporary sculpture. It is also the ideal place to find original gifts made locally.

    Arrêts Gourmands

    Arrêts Gourmands

    On vacation an hour from home!

    Ah ! Saint-Jean-Port-Joli ! Here is a village that lives up to its name! As I am lucky enough to live in the neighbouring MRC, only an hour away, it is not uncommon for me to head to Saint-Jean-Port-Joli for one or two days, simply to get a change of scenery. The experience works like a charm: every time I take exit 414 off the 20, I immediately switch to "vacation" mode, even though I'm only a few steps from home!