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Built of logs, Le Jasmin Sports Center in Tourville is a stopover for quad and snowmobilers, also accessible to motorists via Route 204. Open year-round, the Centre offers a restaurant, bar and gas station for off-road vehicles. The restaurant offers a choice of 3 to 4 daily menus, a table d'hôte menu on weekend evenings, elaborate group menus and friendly staff.  Each room has a fireplace, making for a warm and inviting atmosphere.  A landing is also available for recreational vehicles.

🏍 Access to tours: Pêche gourmande, Randonnée aux chutes d'Ixworth, Le tour du propriétaire and De la tour

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In summer, Appalaches Sport Club  gives you access to parking lots and quad trails. In winter, in addition to offering you cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and fatbike trails of rare beauty in a highly diversified natural environment, the Club offers a restaurant service, boutiques and six heated shelters. 

🏍 Access to the circuit:  De la tour

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Saint-Jean-Port-Joli et L'Islet


You'll find plenty of services just off Highway 20 in the villages of L'Islet and Saint-Jean-Port-Joli. You'll find it easy to fill up on gas and stop off at the restroom, as well as a wide choice of restaurants (Normandin, Mc Donald's, Subway, Tim Horton's, etc.). You can even satisfy your snack cravings at vintage Casse-croûte 204.

In L'Islet, you'll also have access to a gas station, convenience store and restrooms. You'll also find a wide choice of meals at L'Éveil restaurant and a pataterie menu at Casse-croûte Halte-Bouffe.

🏍 Access to the circuit: De la tour


In the heart of the village of Sainte-Perpétue, you'll find refuelling facilities such as a gas station, restaurant, toilets and parking lots.  Being located in the heart of nature and boasting magnificent lakes and rivers, Sainte-Perpétue is a true paradise for the Quad enthusiast!

🏍 Access to cicruits : Randonnée aux chutes d'Ixworth, Pêche gourmande, Le tour du propriétaire

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Restaurant Chez Réjean is the perfect place for a pizza stop! Since 1974, "pizza à Réjean" has been the house specialty, renowned for its unique taste! Access for the disabled is also available. The restaurant is accessible by ATV and snowmobile trails. A loading dock is also available for customers. This is THE quad relay in  Saint-Pamphile .

🏍 Accès aux circuits : Randonnée aux chutes d'Ixworth, De la Langue-de-Chatte et du Lac Frontière, Pêche gourmande et Le tour du propriétaire.


Ô SOMMET DES DÉLICES RESTAURANT (*fermé temporairement)

With capacity for 70 guests, the Ô Sommet des délices restaurant in Saint-Adalbert offers a wide variety of dishes: lunches, traditional and fine pizzas, steaks on the grill, pasta bar (Friday evenings), ribs, home fries, buffet evenings (Chinese, Italian) and theme evenings. A catering service is also available for picnics (remember to order in advance). The restaurant gives you access to its parking lot and nearby quad circuits. 

🏍 Access to circuits: De la Langue-de-Chatte et du Lac-Frontière et Le tour du propriétaire