Les Bisons Chouinard

Saint-Jean-Port-Joli • Destination Région L'Islet
Les Bisons Chouinard
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Les Bisons Chouinard
Les Bisons Chouinard
Visites guidées
Les Bisons Chouinard
Visites guidées
Kujo our beloved dog
Les Bisons Chouinard
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Les Bisons Chouinard
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In a few words

Les Bisons Chouinard has existed since 1996.

A guided visit at 1:30pm in the summer (fixed schedule) of the farm will help you discover a large herd of bison living outdoors year round in a natural environment. This produces a high quality, natural, lean meat that people concerned about their health are looking for. In the boutique, you will find various cuts of bison meat, terrines, sausages, smoked meat, meat pies, etc. Various derivative products to see: skulls, horns, hides, head.

For Real!

Jean-Luc Chouinard, Les Bisons Chouinard

Certifications et distinctions

  • Arrêts gourmands
  • The Navigator's Trail

    Schedule and prices


    7 days a week during July and August. Open year-round. Open every weekend from September to June. Open during the week but please call ahead.


    Entrance to the boutique is free. Rates for bison visits vary. See website.

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