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Marc Gadbois, peintre sculpteur

L'Islet • Destination l'Islet
Sculpture 5
La danse sous la peau
sculpture 03
La chaise
Marc Gadbois, peintre sculpteur

In a few words

Painter and sculptor, Marc Gadbois, welcomes you into his workshop and gallery in l'Islet. He presents to you many paintings, sculptures and drawings.

His sculptures are animate in a whirlwind of movement as the organic forms cause transformations inviting a play on optical illusions which oppose and complement the positive and negative forms of the work.

His paintings, drawings and designs are inspired by architectural elements, discovered on vacations around the globe, help to transform, deform, and integrate all qualities in a connection that speaks to the language of the sculpture. The line, suggesting a strong movement, invites the viewer in a space of shapes and volumes which, called the “Inner Image”, creates the viewers own internal journey.


Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 5pm.

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