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Corporation des jeunes marins de la Côte-du-sud

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Canot 19 (Les Chants de marins 2)
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Canot 19 (Le Placoteux)
Corporation des jeunes marins de la Côte-du-sud

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Experience traditional navigation on a sailboat oon a collection from the museum. Arm! Hoist! The most authentic maritime experience. Three times a week, the team of young marins from Côte-du-Sud offer places onboard Canot 19 to friends, youngsters of the region, curious people and tourists to share their love of the river, their passion for heritage and their joy of measuring up to the elements. Canot 19 is chartered by the Corporation of Young sailors in Côte-du-Sud, a group of volunteers who operates the vessel owned by the Maritime Museum. After restoring the boat for almost two years, the group offers free trips on the water since 2009. The adventures of Canot 19 calls to the resourcefulness, leadershop and spirit of the team. The success of the activity is based on dialogue, this is the ideal corporate output.


Communicate with those responsible of the Corporation of Young Sailors in Côte-du-Sud to plan an activity with your team.

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