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Shopping spree in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli

Destination Région l'Islet
15 km


L'Islet is full of an impressive number of specialized shops. 

You will find a host of Quebec creators of crafts, painting, jewellery, stained glass, traditional and contemporary sculpture. The environment is steeped in a know-how that is perpetuated from generation to generation!

You will find the ideal place to get your last collector's item or the gift for your loved one.

Have a good shopping trip!



Please note that the itinerary proposed here can be done in both directions. (From L'Islet to Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies or vice versa). You should also know that most of these places are open all week in the summer season (May to October), but only during the weekends before the holidays and other holidays (Valentine's Day, Easter, etc.). Also, for artists' and sculptors' studios, it is always preferable to call in advance so as not to have any unpleasant surprises. You can also easily do this itinerary by bike (Remember to take pretty creative bike).

DAY 1 - AM

Starting from L'Islet, you will start your day by visiting Galerie Entre'Art, where Quebec visual artists exhibit their current, abstract and figurative works. You will then continue your journey by crossing a rather unusual shop. This is La Bigorne, a shop where you will find antiques and wrought iron items.

Then you will come across three well-established sculptors' studio shops in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli. It is essential to visit the creative sites of Maurice Harvey, Noël Guay and Denys Heppell, who are real pillars of sculpture here.

To get into the holiday enchantment, La Magie de Noël Boutique is unbeatable with its vast range of Christmas items: figurines, Santa Clauses, angels, nativity scenes, Christmas villages, tree ornaments, nutcrackers, musical boxes, goblins.

You will then pass in front of the Luc Leclerc miniature boats. Designer of miniature boats to scale for three generations. Mr. Leclerc designs exclusive model creations and restores antique pieces. It is really worth a look.

Denys Heppel-Sculpteur.JSV
Denys Heppel-Sculpteur.JSV

At that time, you will probably have a little craving. Stop at The Lobster Tail and enjoy some of their specialties inspired by the lobster shacks of the American East Coast.


You will then have very little distance to travel before parking in front of La Bourgade, a cute little village of craftsmen to discover (only in summer). From there, on foot, it will be very appropriate to visit the Museum of Canadian Alumni and its boutique, as well as André Bourgault's Centre d'Artisanat. 


As you continue your journey, you will find the Myriam Art Gallery where you will have access to paintings, sculptures, jewellery, folk art, wood paintings, metal, glass, ceramics, stained glass and more. Not far from there is the Sculptures Uniques boutique of Mr. Jocelyn Caron, formerly a sculptor from father to son. Not far from there, is La boutique le Fil d'Arianne where you will find hand-woven and hand-hooked objects. In case you haven't eaten before, it would be a good idea to stop at the Casse-Croûte le Bocage just opposite, or to take a dish to enjoy on the run at Poissonnerie Lauzier. And if by any chance you have a sweet taste, take a break at the Chouinard Dairy Bar, the most popular dairy bar in the region!

You will then pass in front of a magnificent yellow heritage house. It's the Boutique des Berges! The ideal place to spoil yourself and your loved ones since the store contains a host of charming gift ideas.

If you are a music lover and mainly of guitars, you should visit Guitare Dièse. Note that you can also learn the craft of luthier with Benoit Lauzier, owner of the boutique, as part of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli- Village créatif. Then, if you love flowers and interior design, you should stop by the Conter Fleurette boutique. The place is a small paradise and the charm of this shop is worth the trip.

Then stop at the alpaca shop at the Maison de l'Ermitage. Everything here comes from the wool of the charming alpacas that inhabit the magnificent estate. You can even visit them! Toques, scarves, jackets, in short, everything to keep you warm this winter, with the satisfaction of buying local and encouraging this ecological fibre. Also check out the workshops in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli- Village créatif "Filons, felts et tricotons l'alpaga" in which you will learn to work with the shop owner on this natural fibre.

We now advise you to anchor for the night in the heart of the village. Where you will probably find your accommodation and a wide choice of restaurants for dinner and lunch the next morning. In the evening, stop by the Ras L'Bock microbrewery for a good brewed beer - or check out the Centre Go's movie program. In the Centre, an exhibition room also houses fantastic temporary exhibitions.

Some choices of accommodation:

Motel Blanche d'Haberville 

Motel de La Falaise 

Gîte La Mer Veille 


Hotel Saint-Jean 

Auberge des Glacis 

Some restaurant choices:

Bistro OK 

La Libellule friendly restaurant (summer)

The Runner of Strikes 

MANU-Culinary Workshop 

La Marina Resto-Bar (summer)

Pizzeria Porto Bellissimo 


Conter fleurette
Conter fleurette

DAY 2 - AM

Start your shopping day with a good coffee at Café Bonté Divine. You may be tempted by some small accessories from the coffee shop section. Just next door is the Ras L'Bock shop where you can stock up on the products you tasted the day before!

Then, go right in front of the Morency Boutique. This shop is a big WOW. Here, it is the artist Hélène Morency and her daughter Pier-Soleine, also an artist, who welcome you to a world of finesse and beauty. You will probably be tempted by one of his items, a cup, a hand-painted cup, fabulous jewellery or Pier-Soleine's stained glass windows. A superb collection of clothing is also available as well as a host of finds from local artists. You will certainly find a gift for someone special.

Just next door is the shop Ô Merveille de la terre where you will find stones, minerals, shells, fossils and jewellery with semi-precious stones, antiques, masks and beautiful objects from all over the world. If you don't have enough, go to the Boutique Les Enfants du Soleil at the end of the street, just in front of the Church. You will find clothes, precious stones, jewellery, masks, sculptures from the five continents of the world.  The quantity of goods and the house that houses the shop are quite impressive!


Enfants du Soleil.ARTSON.JPEG
Enfants du Soleil.ARTSON.JPEG

Then stop at shop Le Coin du Souvenir to immerse yourself in the days of the Coureurs des bois and visit this iconic boutique in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, which has been located in the centre of the village for several decades.

Next to it, you will find a very wide choice of lingerie, cozy pyjamas and underwear for everyday use in very good taste. The Fée Minine boutique is a must for Valentine's Day and the holiday season.

Across the street is Apparat boutique where you will discover a vast choice of gift ideas, jewellery and accessories for men and women in this newly installed boutique in the heart of the village.

Finally, finish your shopping trip in the heart of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli by going down to the big sky blue house to show Le Quai des bubles . It smells good there! Shop there for your bath treats, clay masks, soaps, etc. Everything is handmade by a Quebec company located in Kamouraska. We love it!

It will probably be time to eat a crust, so I suggest you try one of the other restaurants suggested above, to try to discover as much as possible the culinary offer of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli.

Quai des
Quai des bulles.Artson
Quai des
Quai des bulles.Artson


Then take the car back to the east of the village. In summer time you will come across a cute little chapel, it is here that the talented painter Sophie Lambert exhibits her creations.

It is the sculptor and his family who will then welcome you to Sculpture & Ébénisterie Beauregard.  In this shop, you will find traditional and contemporary sculptures; lamps, mirrors, clocks, animals, reliefs, decorations, as well as mouldings and woodwork.

Set aside a good hour to visit the fabulous Le Moule à Sucre boutique! On the shelves of this former general store, which are full of fine local products, sweets, jewellery, decorative accessories, etc., there is an abundance of fine local produce. The shop breathes the friendly atmosphere of yesteryear and is a place of choice for jams, marinades, cheeses, spices, terrines and homemade beers. In summer, you will find picnic baskets from the region that you can enjoy in the magnificent garden behind the shop!

Then go back to sculpture and painting by visiting Benoi Deschênes' studio, who is also a portrait painter and creator of statues. A little further on, Nicole Deschênes Duval, a specialist in sculptures for children and teenagers, will welcome you to her creative universe. His magnificent studio-boutique also exhibits works by regional sculptors. Note that you can also benefit from Mrs. Deschênes Duval's knowledge by participating in a sculpture workshop with her via Saint-Jean-Port-Joli- Village créatif.

Finish this shopping trip at Mélie 4 Poches to find original gifts and practical items with a traditional signature. Be aware that each creation is unique and that everything (Mitts, scarves, bags, aprons, etc.) is made from recovered fabrics.

If you are now hungry, you are right next to La Roche in Veillon. A restaurant located in an old barn that will serve you a hearty traditional meal. So much for doing so, why not prolong the pleasure by attending the play that La Roche in Veillon presents every year in the summer season!

Nicole Deschênes Duval-Sculpteure.JSV
Nicole Deschênes Duval-Sculpteure.JSV

This is where your visit to the shops and art galleries of our beautiful artistic village ends. However, we advise you to sleep in Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies or L'Islet to visit shops and art galleries that are really worth the trip, as long as you are already in the region! In Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies, don't miss visiting the Galerie/Jardin -Beauchamps-Bolduc, Les Jouets de bois Richard Émond, sculptorDenis Dubé, Daniel Hamelin's fol galerie et le jardin fou and Gaétan Morel's shop and workshop. As for L'Islet, there are also Les sculptures Tremblay and Marc Gadbois, painter and sculptor.

Leaving by highway 20, visit Les trésors antiques, a store where a wide variety of furniture and antiques will make you smile!

Have a good time discovering and shopping!